UFC 48 CARD ???

I know Sylvia Vs. Mir, Tanner Vs. Baroni, Shamrock Vs. Kimo, Charuto Vs. Hughes

Wherer they anything else on the Card

Card is gonna rock!

Rumored card:

Ken Shamrock vs Kimo

Frank Mir vs Tim Sylvia

Phil Baroni vs Evan Tanner

Matt Hughes vs Charuto Verrissimo

Lee Murray vs Joe "Diesel" Riggs

Georges St.Pierre vs Jason "Mayhem" Miller

Matt Serra vs Ivan Menjivar

Frank Trigg vs Dennis Hallman

i thought lee murray turned down a fight with riggs...
did he change his mind now?

I think that's the old rumor actually, HMCWolverine.

I don't know why you guys think this is a good card though, Redneck was just saying on another thread how he felt the UFC was on the level of KOTC or GC while Pride has guys like Giant Silva and Ogawa.

yeah, i remember that being the rumor from like the previous UFC or somethin' i think... right?

and well... i'm sure i'll enjoy the rest of the card, but i'm primarily there just for the Charuto X Hughes fight... :)

Yeah that fight makes my eyes get big for a second everytime I read it.

i bet mine might actually get a lil' bigger... (even though i'm half japanese...lol)...

charuto is ourĀ coach, friend, and is also nice enough to wear my shirts into the ring... :)

That would be a solid card-I wonder what the 5 official fights would be? I would have to assume Ken/Kimo, Sylvia/Mir, Baroni/Tanner, Hughes/Verissimo are all definite. What would be the fifth, Murray and whoever he fights or Hallman/Trigg? You would think the Trigg fight, but who knows...