UFC 48 in High Definition

Just incase anyone cared ufc is going to be shown in INHD channel 701 if you have IO digital cable out here in New York. Watching UFC in High definition televison is nice almost better than a good see being there because you have all the nice angles. It's going be show at 3am and on Tuesday at 1pm. Just for anyone who has INHD and a High defintition TV.


I have seen a bunch of UFC shows on INHD. The quality is indeed mindblowing.

Even among HDTV broadcasts, there is a wide variety of production quality. The UFCs are among the best I've seen in non-live sports.

Is it shown on the West Coast? I have Dish Network, HDTV.

Just caught it running from 9-12pm tonight, fantastic quality. The cable companies (versus satellite) have really started to catch on...I rarely watch TV, but it's at the point that when I do, I struggle to decide what to watch. Lots of fights becoming available in HD, and in better quality than other sports in HD (i.e. football in HD is poor quality on the far shots..almost gets a blurred appearance, but great on the slower, zoomed in shots)

I was wondering if they used true 2:35:1 anamorphic widescreen HD Cameras. Looking at them they didn't look like widescreen cameras but I could be wrong. I seen K1 in High Definition on the same channel as well. You can tell those cameras are High definition widescreen because they actually have LCD monitors with them. In any case this is what the UFC really looks like when recorded straight to DVC pro video tape. I was just wondering if they stretched the screen or recorded in widescreen originally. But The quality is something to enjoy. Could be better than being there.

Prince don't know if it's on the west coast. It all depends whether or not you have INHD channel. Which is basically INDemand's High definition channel to cable. So if you have satelite I doubt it. Check your channel guide to see if you have INHD. I think only cablevision has it though.

On a nostalgic note remember when we were underground and had to fight to get to watch this sport on PPV cable. Now we get to see it on free High definition TV channel, along with Pride, King of the Cage and K-1. I hope you guys know without us and Zuffa this probably wouldv'e never happened in a million years. What a difference a handful of fans make. Just goes to show somethings are meant to exsist no matter what.

I could with my recorder, But it's best if you used a S Video input. But the ratio is a little weird but nothing that can't be played around with.

"I was just wondering if they stretched the screen or recorded in widescreen originally."

It's not stretched, it's recorded and shown in 1.78:1. Some of the prelim fights are recorded with 4:3 cameras, and those are shown pillar boxed.