UFC 48 looking really good.

As of now the UFC48 card is stacking up really well

Sylvia vs. Mir HW title?

Shamrock vs. Kimo

Hughes vs. Verissimo

Hallman vs. Trigg

Baroni vs. Tanner

Miller vs. St. Pierre

Serra vs. Menjivar

Hope they will add an eighth fight. Murray vs. someone. Look out for Menjivar a very, very good 155lbs fighter.

great card.

That is a nice card- is the Mir/Silvia fight up in the air?

checked sherdog and mmaweely. Both state fight is on for Title.

solid undercard...


Kimo shamrock should not be there...

Minos - cool,thanks. That IS a good card then! Dana catches a lot of shit on here,some may be deserved, some isn't,but he's put together some good cards lately IMO.

Does Miller train with Team Oyama?

When's Andre gonna get his shot????

I am confused even after a solid win why Orlavski is not in the title mix???

Ken Shamrock vs. Kimo is possibly the worst headliner they could have come up with. Everything else on that card looks good. One question though:

Could somebody please explain to me what Mir has done to deserve a title shot, let alone a shot before Arlovski?

pretty good card

same reason he got 90k just to show for the Sims fight.

Because Zuffa is partial to some fighters.

A total "Payback" theme would've been cool.


Hallman / Trigg

Tanner / Baroni

with other possibilities like;

Hughes could've fought for Lawler's redemption vs. Diaz

McGee with a shot at a "clean" Sylvia.

and make Mir beat Freeman before getting his title shot

Genki vs. Ludwig would be nice but admittedly unlikely. How about getting Penn back down to fight Uno to settle it once and for all.

Franca got kinda hosed in both his last two fights. Make one of those rematches.

anyway, I'm rambling...

This is a great card as it is.