UFC 48 Salary and Medical Info

Hi everyone, I just wanted to alert you to a new article on MMAWeekly and hopefully get a good discussion going about it. The article has all of the salary and medical information from UFC 48, along with my own in-depth analysis and commentary on the UFC pay scale. To access the article, go to MMAWeekly.com's "Daily News" page and be sure to click on the tab for Thursday's news.

Please post any feedback that you might have in this thread. If you don't have anything in particular to say in response but you enjoy the article, please help out with a "ttt" to keep this thread near the top so more people can see it. Thanks.


Go to the headlines and click on thursday.

Awesome report BTW.

Thanks, JAttwood.

Awesome article!

You did a great job with that

Nice article.

The most feedback I have gotten is for the part about Phil Baroni. Anyone strongly agree or disagree with anything I said about Baroni being under-paid, over-paid, or lucky to be employed?

Great work Ivan.

Great work Ivan. I always look forward to your article on the fighters salaries.

Ivan, I think something that would be great for you to work on would be the whole judging issue. It is absolutely absurd that those two judges scored the first round for Matt Hughes. Someone needs to get the bottom of this. I realize that the NSAC appoint the judges, but I think Zuffa need to somehow work with them.

I wonder if the NSAC even realize that this is a problem. An interview with Mark Ratner (sp?) or Flip Homansky (Sp?) from the NSAC would be really cool. An interview with Nelson Hamilton would be good. I'd also be interested to hear what Dana would have to say about this. I would like to hear Dana's reply to this question, "In light of two out of the three judges scoring the first round of the Hughes/Verissimo fight for Hughes, what is the UFC doing or what could the UFC do to work with the NSAC to ensure that the judges are qualified to judge MMA?"

Peter P

once again, an outstanding article.

jim genia


I actually would have thought Baroni would be in the 10 thousand range.

great article.

I don't think the judges screwed Charuto on purpose.

However, I do believe the judges are uneducated about the intricacies of the sport.

Judges need to be extensively trained. They can't just be appointed out of nowhere.

Though there may be a conflict of interest, perhaps appointing some of the referees as judges until real judges get trained could be a solution.

Liyon = YES.

I agree Liyon. Something definitely has to be done about it. Even the casual fan could tell that Charuto won the first round.