UFC 48: Sylvia vs. Mir Title Fight

According to ADCC, the Sylvia vs. Mir fight in June at UFC 48 is for the title.

Also, Sylvia salary has been dropped to $40k and $40k, this according to ADCC.

So it looks like Arlovsky is the one who was really punished in all of this.

Should be a decent match, but hopefully Arlovski gets a shot after that.

another fighter gets screwed.

Honestly I'm not surprise!!

Screw job?

As long as Arlovski gets to face the winner first - then all is good.

Hey guys, remember mir missed out on his title shot originally because of this??? arlovski came in later.

I'd rather see Mir/Arlovski for a belt anyways, so here's to Mir kicking some ass that night.

Sylvia will (very sadly IMO) destroy MIr. Terrible matchup for the submission guy.

They should do Arlovski first!

I'm sure Arlovski will get the next shot anyways. Mir is still a high top contender. Good fight and I hope it goes down. Makes this card even stronger.

yup good fight but arlovski should be fighting silva first not mir.

Screw that 'next-shot after Sylvia/Mir' crap. I understand that they don't want Arlovski fighting in two UFCs in a row, but if he doesn't get the first shot, they're screwing him.

He probobly agreed to it though.

that sucks...i hope Mir wins

This sucks. Not so much the actual fight, but the fact that it isn't Arlovski in there. He is the #1 contender.

I guess we'll just have to wait to see Arlovski vs. Sylvia. I think Sylvia will take care of Mir pretty easily.

I actually think this is a good idea. Sylvia never lost his title and this helps build him up even more before he fights Arlovski. Either way Arlovski will be fighting for the title. Also, good point by CorranHorn that Mir missed his shot at UFC 45.

Peter P

[Hey guys, remember mir missed out on his title shot originally because of this??? arlovski came in later.]

Actually, you're right. I forgot about that.

this isn't a title fight. winner fights arlovski for title

Why not Sylvia vs. Arlovsky?

Hope timmyfront is right. I'm fine with Sylvia / Mir but not for the title. Let the winner face Arlovsky for the belt.

should be Arlovski-Mir. Sylvia should have to re-earn his shot (and I am a fan)