UFC 48 was really good

I had a busy week this week and just popped the tape in this morning to relax and re-watched UFC 48. On second viewing, it was really good.

First, Zuffa has the production down now. Goldberg is a first-rate play-by-play guy. His experience really shows and he is very professional, which any MMA show needs right now. Rogan brings a lot of excitement to each fight. And the entrances are back to being something that adds to the fight. I didn't think the entrances through the audience would work as well as the ramp, but now they are working very well- I think because the audience is closer in. Instead of seeing folding chairs on the side, we are seeing the fighters enter through this huge mob up toward the lit Octagon, a really cool shot.

Second, all the fights were good except Verissimo-Hughes, where the decision still pisses me off. St. Pierre showed why most UFC haters are such morons. This guy is a stud, and yet whenever he is on an undercard haters have been like "none of these names interest me." If you have said that about a card with St. Pierre on it, you are obviously an ignorant moron.
Third, there was a lot of entertaining drama with the Sylvia arm break. It's hilarious to watch it now. You can see Dana pacing back and forth emotionally in a few scenes. And you can see Herb following Sylvia around, trying to look at his arm while Sylvia tries to ignore him. Herb must have been sh!tting bricks for a few minutes, thinking "I did see it break, didn't I?" but man was he vindicated later.

Anyway, the only complaint is that terrible Hughes-Verissimo decision. Bring back Verissimo some more and all is forgiven.

id give it a 9

Yes it was one of the more entertaining events. The Verissimo decision still boggles me. Not necessarily because he didn't win but because how the judges could have given Hughes round one.

good card. can't complain.

your dead on about st pierre... that guy is a breath of fresh air

It was ok. St Pierre, Mir and Hughes were the only good fights. Though I completely disagree with the decision for the Hughes fight.

It was a good event.

I think it is cool seeing the fighters walk through the hallway backstage right before they come out for the fight.

I agree Goldberg and J-Ro are awesome. I don't think the UFC could find a better team.

The UFC needs to get judges that understand MMA.

Herb Dean is the best ref in the sport.

I thought it was an OK event at best-the last 2 fights saved it.

I liked it.

I thought it was a very good but not great show (around a 7 out of 10), but it would be very hard for any card to follow up 47, which was incredible. I just want to see Hallman get another shot. TTT for Superman-don't give up on him, Dana!! (especially when you're only paying him $4000).

Don't jump the gun, dean made a great call, but I guarantee
this is the only fight 90% of people have seen him ref, and
recognized it saying, 'wow Herb did great on this one!' He
made a call that I missed, and prolly saved Tim's career. So
yes, Herb proved he's good, but there are many good refs
and he's among 'em, just not the best yet.

I think Matt won, and feel that strikes in this case counted
more than sub attempts. 30-27 it was not, but I was opposite
what many thought.
C is Charuto
Rd 1 10-9 H: Credit C for the attempted triangle, but credit
Matt for the savvy escape and follow up strike
Rd 2 10-9 C: Matt sat, C attempted subs
Rd 3 10-9 H: Matt just won it I think, controlled all facets of the
game and took it to where he wanted the fight ot be. My 2

It was a good UFC and I want to see Verissimo back again.

Gary Hughes

I believe Hallman signed a multi fight deal. So I'm sure he'll be back.....in a prelim.

Well, Hallman vs. Verissimo would be cool. Other good fighters at 170 that could/should be brought back are Spratt, Carter, Strasser, and Lytle.