UFC 49=best UFC card ever?

Does UFC: 49 "UNFINISHED BUSINESS" have the best fight card ever in a UFC event? I say yes.

Dana White announced these fights in the press conference after UFC 48:

Vitor Belfort v.s Randy Couture
Robbie Lawler v.s Ronald Jhun
Matt Lindland v.s David Terrell
Yves Edwards v.s Josh Thompson
Chuck Liddell v.s Vernon White
Karo Parisyan v.s Nick Diaz
Mike Kyle v.s Justin Eilers

THANK YOU! I am goin to this one

Solid card for sure.

Deeder, how is this not a great card?

great card imo




Good card.

I'm almost dreading Couture/Vitor 3, though. I just can't bear the thought of either of those guys losing.

from what I have heard Edwards/Thomson is NOT going to happen.

Also Riggs vs Doerksen is on the card as well.


hey deeder... what!

not that impressed sorry

DL is correct

is Riggs vs Doerkson at UFC 50?

DLfromCanada is correct.

I am curious to see Riggs fight

Excellent card, I get to see four of my favorite fighters in one night! (Belfort, Couture, Liddell, and Yves, sweet!)

"from what I have heard Edwards/Thomson is NOT going to happen."

INCORRECT!!! This fight is going down!!! 

This is a VERY good card

Vitor Belfort v. Randy Couture - for obvious reasons

Robbie Lawler v. Ronald Jhun - I would rather see Jhun at 170, but this puts a long overdue veteran onto the mainstage FINALLY, and it lets us see if Lawler still needs to be around. He is very talented and dangerous (no doubt about it) but compared to guys like Jhun, he was definatley fast tracked... He can prove his worth here.

Matt Lindland v. David Terrell - Holy shit... Terrel on the card in general is something special, but against a player like Lindland... I would rather see Terrel debut against some else, as to build a more high profile match-up with Lindland at a later time.

Yves Edwards v. Josh Thompson - This bout will really help sort things out in the 155 scene

Chuck Liddell v. Vernon White - I could do without this bout myself (this is more like a mainevent on a .5 show - or a mid-level telvised shows IF WE HAD SUCH A THING)

Karo Parisyan v. Nick Diaz - Awesome fight... the styles match-up really well. Karo is still a part of the pack, and the very young Diaz can pull ahead with a win here.

Mike Kyle v. Justin Eilers - The HW division seriously needs more depth (since Simms, Cabage, McGee, Tank, Ricco lately - have all been a bust) ... This is a good fight to help define some depth (better than Wiezorek/Ship)

actually i always call it as i see it ..weak card

--- "Until the other title pictures get sorted out, most of those other fights don't give me a great deal to be interested about."

What is wrong with you people... these kinds of fights are needed to "sort out the title picture"... Each of these fights is a sub-championship bout because it helps define the contenders (instead of just throwing whoever into a title bout with the intent of just doling out the belts.

--- "Not impressed. Solid shows, but they're just not putting on that "wow" factor. They need to do what Pride does once in a while and just load up a card with all their superstars."

WHAT SUPERSTARS!!! The UFC does not have any... What the hell are you talking about??? They need to build up there stable because they have been focusing too much on just 2-3 names...

And... What makes it a weak card??? Because their is not a championship belt on the line with each bout??? Because it doesn't feature the top 2-3 guys for each weight class...

these are fights with something at stake... Fights that have can tell us something... fights that promise to be exciting based on match-ups

If this isn't good... What would make a good card???

if i thought the card was good id say so .Lawler lost 2 in a row dont wanna see him back,White has never won in uFC not interested in him and Lidell,Kyle-Eilers does nothing for me,Lindland-Terrell i like,Thompson-Edwards I like,Coutore-Belfort I like,Diaz-Karo is ok.NOt a terrible card but no fights with any history behind them except Coutore-Belfort.OO I do wanna see Roggs so that I like too but over all it just dont do it for me Sorry

"very good card, but hardly the best ever. there is only one main event caliber fight, pride has had several shows where over half of the fights could have been main events."

I am saying that this is the best UFC card ever, not the best MMA card ever.