UFC 49 dvd

Great dvd but more so, they finally got rid of the forced watching of the intro. You can FF through it now.

I knew they paid attention to the UG.

Any good xtras on it?

Yep. I liked it.


on your dvd, is the announcer audio really weak? And the microphones around the ring (corner people, refs, etc.) come across really loudly.

Is that the case on all the dvd's or just mine? Anyone?

I'm not sure. I wasn't too worried about the audio because I had head phones on while watching it on a portable dvd player in the hospital yesterday.

I didn't notice any audio problems.

They actually have allowed you to FF past the intro for their last couple UFC DVDs.

UFC 49 is a fantastic show. The prelims, Karo/Diaz & Thompson/Yves are among the best fights of the year.

Lytle/Jhun was a solid fight. Then you have three outstanding KO's. The last two fights aren't as great but the earlier stuff more than makes up for it.

They've added more replays and little intros of each fighter before every fight too.

At about $15, I think it's as close to perfect as we'll get.



Now we just need the older events on dvd.

Great DVD.Anyone know when UFC 50 is coming out?

I think it's coming out the week of February 1.


Awesome I haven't seen the show since I was there the night of.I want to get the DVD and watch it so bad because being there and all.

on a diff note dougie, how is the wife doing?