UFC 49 is a little bit lame.......

Aside from Vitor/Randy III, and Tiger finally getting a shot at a big name (Liddell).........nothing much does anything to sell PPV's.

They should drop one of those little unattractive fights and add ..........

Tito Ortiz VS Lee Murray!!!

Then, they would have an OK card.

Lee Murray can't even got into the country, muchless drop as much weight as tito wants him to.

" I'll fight the Brit if he drops to 145."

Tito Ottiz

Parisian/Diaz has my interest piqued. this will be a great UFC.

What did Vernon do to get a shot at Liddell?

UFC 49 has an amazing card. Weird post.

yeah, this card is sick! what you talkin about willis?

Aside from Eilers-Kyle, which I have zero interest in, this UFC (match-up wise) is one of the better ones top to bottom maybe eva! Lame? Hardly.

You people are crazy. This is an above average card.
Couture/Belfort, Juhn/Lawler..just seeing Lawler at 185, seeing the much touted newcomers...Dave Terrel, Joe Riggs...and seeing Josh Thompson/Yves Edwards. This is a good card

i dont see one fight on the card that i dont want to see.

solid card; nothing special. Smokin'Guns is right in that this card will not be too popular with casual fans.

that is a kick ass card.

"UFC 49 is a little bit lame....... "


I busted up laughing when I saw this... imagine the owners of a race horse saying  "-----is a little bit lame"............... knowing a big race is coming up.

I think they better hurry up & decide one way or the other..... right?

It looks great.

I've been waiting a long time to see Doerkson and Terrell... Talk about EXCITING sub fighters right there.

Edwards, Karo, Kyle v Eilers will be good too.

"nothing special?

you are out of your mind


I thought the UFC 48 card was better, and the UFC 46 and 47 cards were about the same. Therefore, it's nothing special! UFC generally puts together very good cards IMO.