UFC 49 Match Ups

According to Dana White from UFC 48 Press Confrence, Following Match ups

Vitor Belfort V.S. Randy Couture

Chuck Liddell V.S. Vernon "Tiger" White

Nick Diaz V.S. Karo Pariysan

David Terrell V.S. Matt "Baroni Killer" Lindland

Mike Kyle V.S. Justin Eilers

Robbie Lawler V.S. Ronald Jhun (Middleweight match)

Joe Riggs V.S. Joe Doerksen

Josh Thompson V.S Yves Edwards

Looks Like an Awesome Matchup For UFC 49

ya i like this potential lineup !!

I think Arlovski-Mir should be put on the card. Arlovski has already earned his title shot and should have had it by now. Mir should be ready to go since he didn't really have enough time to get injured in the Sylvia fight.

Mir shouldn't have to fight so soon. It isn't about not getting injured or not fighting that long. It's about training hard on a schedule to peak at the right time (fight night hopefully) and then allowing your body to recover.

UFC 50 will be Andrei and Mir, may even head Tito vs Ken

Either way, This UFC should show every damn fight cause every one is going to be good. except for Mike Tyson Kyle. He should be the only Prelim. All the other fights should be shown on Pay Per View.

No, you weak troll. Fuck off if you have nothing nice to say.

If you cant get excited about this card then you dont need to watch any future UFC's Period!

Why dont you just put your head down and let the grown ups speak.

pride has been growing on me alot lately... ie: they show all the fights on the cards and the quality of the fighters, but...there is still nothing worsae than the week long countdown to UFC fight night...UFC all the way

That's a very good card. Not as good as 48, IMO, but still very good.

The only fight that sort of mystifies me is Eiler vs. Kyle. It seems to me you want Kyle vs. Sims again, or Kyle vs. Ricco. And the UFC needs to be developing some top heavyweights. I'm not sure Kyle and Eilers are at that level. It would have been nice to see Ricco or another top heavyweight on this card.

i want to see more rich franklin!!! get him some fights zuffa

UFC 49: Lindland's Farwell Match

this card looks OK, but to tell you the truth I don't know enough about all of these guys to get as excited as I have been about the last few. Obviously Vitor and Randy will be good, and Riggs and Doerkson as well, but I'm not sure about the others. I am never excited to see lindland fight, so I hope Terrell can send him packing. Chuck and Tiger seems to be a mismatch for Chuck.


I know, I am just trying to get people to bet large on Terrel so I can clean up....

fucking card looks stacked-this is in August right?

3 words. Sherk vs ANYBODY. St Pierre? Trigg? Charuto? GET THE GUY IN THE UFC FOR FUCKS SAKE>

which matches will be in the pre -lims?