I think the UFC should make UFC 49 the "THE NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS".

The card would be as follows

Tim Sylvia/Mir vs. Arloski for the Heavyweight
Couture vs. Belfort for the 205
Linland vs. Horn for the 185
Yves vs. Thompson for the 155

UNDERCARD to establish #1 Contenders
Cabbage vs. Pedro Rizzo
Murray vs. Baroni
Tito vs. Franklin/Eastman
Hermes Franca vs. Genki Sudo

Dark Match
Joe Riggs vs. Joe Doerkson

What do you guys think



I think David Terrell will beat Lindland at UFC 49.

That sounds like a great card.

Too bad the UFC has already admitted that they are no longer looking at the BEST fighters..........

David Terrell would be a great match as well, but in his first UFC he doesnt need a title shot. Not that he doesnt deserve it. The UFC needs to market the fighters not the show in order to get people watching. The show is the show, but the fighter make or break the show. David from all accounts has the potential to be the champ, but for his sake he should be marketed first, with 4 or 5 fights and then challenge for the title.


great card John.. I would put Tito vs Franklin and Chuck vs Eastman.. the winners then fight for the #1 contender spot and then get a shot at the Couture/Belfort winner