UFC 49.....Unbelievable!

If the rumors are true..

Belfort x Couture (LHW Title)

Edwards x Thomson (LW Title)

Liddell x White

Ortiz x Eastman

Lindland x Terrell

Lawlor x Jhun

Riggs x Doerksen

Ricco x TBA

If that ain't worth $30 then I don't know what is?

Murray vs Stout

that's 48 buddy.

Murray vs Stout is UFC 48.



I'm sure Liddell wanted it that way since he can't fight for the title so soon. Chuck don't mess around.

regarding the LW title...why do thomson and edwards get to fight for it?

where's sudo?

K-1. I'm sure they would like him but I bet they don't want another Penn incident if he were to win.

yeah...but he did fight in the last UFC.

True. but he also hand picks his opponents from what we read. Not sure though.

I have been out of the loop for a bit...what's this handpicking business?

He turned down a couple of big time fights recently. I think one was Penn. Who knows? Maybe he wasn't ready. I'd prefer Sudo over Yves anyday, although Yves has paid his dues.

well, handpicking butterbean rules.

penn/sudo would be friggin awesome.

yeah, perhaps he wanted some tuning fights before a big one again(see the ludwig fight).

Liddell vs Tiger will look a lot like Liddell vs Babalu, IMO.

Or CroCop vs Randleman? ha

excellent card!...still waiting to see Belfort/
Couture..both of whom could have made it past 1st
round heavyweight grand Prix...lt heavy, lol! monsters

wow! what a great card!

The only problem with a card this stacked is that some of them will be untelevised. While the production crew was good and got us the prelims on the PPV last card, they were helped along by alot of fights that did not leave the first round. I think Belfort v Coture will go the distance (Couture by dec) and that Tito v Eastman has the potential to go the distance (Tito by dec). That doesn't leave a whole lotta room for the other fights on the card.

Awesome show...

Looks like it will be time to fly back out to Vegas if this card holds up.