UFC 49.....Unbelievable!

Chuck has not signed to fight Vernon.At this point it is just being talked about.

Ricco's getting another fight? He looked fucking awful against Rizzo, I hope he's got something new for us...

Yup that card is the shit

I'm excited for Terrell vs. Lindland, we'll see some
good ground work in that one, one of the best sub
wrestlers vs. one of the best wrestlers.

I'd be happy just to see Vitor Randy III.
I haven't heard either camp say anything positive about that fight taking place yet.

Very good card, just hope it holds up.

Oh well. Chuck will have his hands full for three rounds if he doesn`t take him serious .

What is the date for this even anyway? I need to start making some plans for this one.

Ricco v.s. Kyle should happen on this card

Just a few notes...
Sudo had a three fight deal and now the deal is done so he fights for whomever he wants now.
I can't wait to see Yves take the title for the person who said he needs to work on boxing I ask have you ever seen yves fight?He can hit pretty damn hard and could KO "The Punk".
Liddell vs. Eastman would have been way cooler, but I would like to see Tito open up Eastman and end it.
Ricco already beat Arlovski, and I think he could do it again buit it would be a great fight.

Sounds pretty tight!

Chuck shouldnt have to fight anyone... infact they SHOULDNT MAKE HIM FIGHT AT ALL. If chuck fights White, or Eastman, and maybe loses a decision or gets KO'd, there goes his title shot. Theyll fuck him HARD if he loses. He shouldnt have to fight shit, untill the winner of couture/belfort.

i read somewhere that liddell wanted that fight because vernon had been talking shit about him or something. but i can't remember where i read it so just to be sure treat it as a roumer until someone can confirm this :-)

"i read somewhere that liddell wanted that fight because vernon had
been talking shit about him or something."

Vern said Chuck was ducking him a long time ago because Chuck took
a fight in the UFC for more $$ rather than to face him in KOTC for the
belt. Vern should be careful what he asks for.

Chuck by JD.

Sweeeeeet card if it comes true.

Couture will beat Vitor by the way.

Tiger seems to be 0-3-1 in his last 4 fights.. with his last win being in feb 2001. Seems a bit hypocritical to have him there whereas Lindland can't get a fight at all...

Very good card, just hope it holds up. I hope all the fights are shown and we don't have "technical difficulties" that keep us from seeing prelims.....