UFC 5 SEG Fighter Contract On EBAY

A rare UFC piece for sale on ebay under UFCMIKE

Here is the link.  Pretty cool.


Ugghhhh..link please


keep ttt for me please! Thankyou!

Actually thought i threw this piece away years ago and actually was excited when i found it in a long forgotten box...LOL!

DanTheWolfman - Interesting, some looks just the same I got as a Registered member applicant of the Ultimate Fighting Alliance no???

??? This is a fighter contract from UFC 5. Have no idea what you are talking about. This is definately the real deal. Guess i will take that comment as an insult.

If people really buy these, I should get Mark Halls contract to fight Ken Shamrock in Pride that never happened, its still sitting on his desk. I'm sure he could use the buck or two as well. Phone Post

You can bid again hendpwned!

ttt almost done.


If you ever have another available, please let me know. I would love to get this or something like it as a present for my friend as a wedding gift. Phone Post