ufc 50 in chicago?

any of you guys in the chicago area? was curious if anyone could advise me to a good place to go to catch the ppv.. i had my crew of buddies who always got the ppv's before i moved up from springfield and we'd have 5 guys watching always and just pass the hat to pay for the ppv but have yet to find my fellow mma fanatics here.. i train at carlson's place in naperville, but have been hurt and not able to train almost 2 weeks now, and didnt get the opportunity to ask the guys i train with as to who is getting the ppv.. anyone getting the ppv or know a good spot to go watch it at? much thanks

I might be getting it (or a friend might). Shoot me and e-mail and I will let you know tonight or tomorrow, either way...Jefferson Tap next Thursday Oct. 28: open bar 9:30-12:30 $30. Liquor, hotties, cool people, best nachos! Why wouldn't you be there?

$30 for three hours isnt a bad deal...is this an open invite Jason?

Open invite! Bring everyone you know! (In my best Gary Oldman impression) "EVERYONE!!!"

Jason want to join our cult and watch the IHC from a ringside table??? Always a good time!