Ortiz v Cote

Patrick Cote is getting a last minute throw-in ala Sims v Kyle, except Cote is getting thrown in against UFC poster boy Tito Ortiz. Odds are at Ortiz -500, Cote +300. Don't waste your money on the upset pick, Cote has limited ground skills and questionable KO power.
Lawdog's prediction: Tito ducks some quick bombs and counters with his own; Tito by KO, round 1.

Tanner v. Lawler

Coming off an impressive win against Phil Baroni, Tanner looks to give Lawler his third loss in four fights. Lawler got dropped by Diaz last time out, so he's decided to move up in weight? But never count out Lawler who can bang with the best of them, and Tanner's chin is questionable after getting KTFO by the Pet Detective, Rich Franklin. This could go either way, but no doubt it will be explosive at the beginning as Lawler goes for the quick KO. Odds are Tanner -155, Lawler +125.
Lawdog's prediction: Tanner takes down an off guard Lawler; Tanner by submission, round 2

Verissimo v Trigg

After a tough loss to UFC stud Matt Hughes, Renato "Charuto" Verissimo jumps in the Octagon to face off against outspoken Frank "Twinkle Toes" Trigg, who also has a recent loss to Hughes on his record. This is another close fight, with current odds at Verissimo -145, Trigg +115. This is sure to be a battle of submissions, but as long as Trigg does more grapppling than talking (which may be hard for him), Trigg may outlast Verissmo.
Lawdog's prediction: Trigg catches a tired Verissimo; Trigg by submission, round 3.

Hughes v. St. Pierre

Hughes attempts to regain momentum after his devastating loss to BJ Penn with his second straight win in the Octagon. In his way is undefeated Georges St. Pierre, who has already proven himiself twice in the UFC. But St. Pierre steps up in caliber against Hughes, and may find himself outmatched against the versatile wrestler. Current odds favor Hughes at -270, St. Pierre +210.
Lawdog's Prediction: Hughes sinks in the tight double and nails his patented UFC big slam; Hughes by KO, round 1.

Rich Franklin v. Jorge Rivera

Franklin drops a weight class and jumps back in the Octagon to face off against Rivera who is coming off an impressive win against UFC veteran Mark Weir. The big question is whether Franklin will have the same power at 185 as he did at 215. If so, it could be a quick night for Rivera. Current odds are surprisingly high in favor of Franklin at -350, Rivera +275.
Lawdog's Prediction: Franklin shows off his submission skills after landing some fierce head shots; Franklin by submission, round 2.

Ivan Salaverry v. Tony Fryklund

Fryklund steps in to take the fight on short notice after Trevor Prangley injures out. Both fighters have losses to Matt Lindland, and both fighters have alot of experience outside the Octagon. The difference could simply be the result of Fryklund being added to the card late in the game. If Fryklund is game, and UFC-ready, he could pull it off. Current odds favor Salaverry at -140, Fryklund +110.
Lawdog's Prediction: Fryklund keeps firing those hands; Fryklund by KO, round 2.

Travis Lutter v. Marvin Eastman

Unproven Lutter steps up on short notice after Eastman's previous opponent is asked to step up and fight Tito. Eastman rebounded after getting rocked and dropped by Vitor Belfort with an good win against hard throwing UFC veteran Vernon White. Eastman's tenacity and experience may be too much for Lutter to oversome on short notice. Look for a quick fight here. Current odds heavily favor Eastman at -260, Lutter +200.
Lawdog's prediction: Eastman looks mean; Eastman by KO, round 1.

trigg is the only underdog worth the risk of betting on.

LMAO @ Trigg by Submission

If Trigg were to win, it would be a close fight via GNP but Trigg is mostlikely lose by submission.

LOLOLOL @ Tito by KO.. While I agree with your win prediction for Tito.. LOLOL @ Tito KOing him.

Tito by KO and Trigg by submission. The title of this thread should read Results Are In!.....LawDog smokes some good shit

Also the slam KO is a bit far fetched. I think St.Pierre is seasoned enough to avoid any head trauma while being slammed. If it even comes to that.

If Hughes can sub Trigg, I am sure Charuto can!

sound analysis, disagree with Trigg by sub. Trigg would sub ME, but I don't see a sub in Trigg's futuer with Charuto. Charuto looked squeaky clean against Hughes it's just that Huhges getting outta that triangle was sick

trigg will out hustle churruto and gas him out and MIGHT score a tko but most likely will win a decision IMO. He can get caught with a sub like against iha before he slammed out and verissimo is a bit stronger than iha but I dont think he will get sub'd. Saying he got subbed by hughes and therefore renato will sub him is a bit flawed because hughes was in the middle of a crazy wrestling scramble that verrismo will not be able to do.

What does trigg have on Renato? Wrestling, strength and gas IMO.

We'll come back to this after the fights.

Now quit LOL at me, damnit.

LMFAO @ Antico...amen brother!
even hughes subbed trig...

Hey Dog. I'll bet you $50 Tito does NOT win by KO.

Tito hits like my Mom.

I seriously don't think I've ever seen Tito hit anyone with any power at all.

i got lutter by rnc. 2nd round

"ALOT of KO predictions!"

True, there will be alot of KOs this UFC.

Here are my pics

Ortiz v.s. Cote

Ortiz by UD

Tanner v.s. Lawler

Tanner via triangle

Hughes v.s. GSP

Hughes by armbar

Franklin v.s. Rivera

Franklin by armbar late in the fight

Salaverry v.s. Fryklund
Salaverry via figure four guard

Lutter v.s. Eastman
Lutter by KO

Anxious to hear other's predictions. Anyone wanna make a screenname bet?

LOL @ your picks workman.

Clearly you are suffering from retardedness or are a monkey that somehow managed to use a computer. Those predictions are the stupidest things I have ever read.

I will except your screen name bet.

You guys are on!!!!!!!!!

Dude, next time put spoiler on this, please!

"Salaverry via figure four guard"

... lol what kind of mystical crap is this. Now your just making stuff up, go back to your crazy kung fuee with your dancing tigers and leprecons.