UFC 51 after party?

anyone heard anything about the UFC after party for UFC 51? After the past few UFC's at Mandalay the House of Blues has had one.


I don't think there's a UFC after party anymore, hasn't been for a few shows, has there? I thought it was just individual fighters have after parties now...

Ring Girl is correct. Nobody was really going to those after parties.

Go to seven at about 2 or 3 in the morning.

well i think they were becoming a curse, the fighters who were to put them on lost their fights those nights.

tito, slyvia,

Seven? What's that? I've never been to Vegas, so I've got a lot to learn. This will be the second UFC I've been to though.

Just get in a cab and ask them to take you to seven.

I have been there twice after the UFC's and once Tito and Chuck were both there at the same time.

If no fighters go, its still a great place.


Cool, sounds groovy.

certainly there is some kind of afterparty event, seems like there would be no way Tito is doing nothing?

maybe we should start a UG afterparty

Hell yeah, I'm all about that!

this is a silly question...of course the party will be where ever saucy, RG, and ann are at...just stalk one of them and you'll have a good time :)

Well, it seems Seven is the place so far then.

I mean, it's the place a 2 or 3. Before that, I haven't a clue.

hmmm... maybe some official word on the subject would be the best thing

still no new info huh, maybe in a few weeks or something

is seven on or off the strip?

nice, where is Tim's gonna be at???

well Maybe Sylvias after party is the one at house of blues

hmmm, I don't know about that