UFC 51 card complete

Nine very interesting fights. My only disappointment is that Lytle-Parisyan is a prelim. I think the main card should be





with Riggs-Loiseau or Diaz-Fickett as the swing bout. But I think Baroni-Lawler will probably be on the main card. That's a little disappointing- I don't think either fighter deserves to be on the main card right now.

Still, a minor complaint about a great card.

ttt Lytle-Parisyan main card..we are a little dissapointed in that it is a prelim..
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Because they're running a business?

Besides, they usually show the prelims later in the night unless they were uneventful, in which case they'll show highlights.

I agree that exciting fighters should be pushed ahead, but Lytle and Parisyan are at least as exciting as Baroni and Lawler, and Lytle and Parisyan have won their last few fights, while Baroni and Lawler are both on losing streaks.

Prelims are also shown at the end of the when there is airtime left over because too fights end too quickly.  This will be a good show.

Is Rogan commentating......... I damn sure hope so!  

Lytle/Parisian needs to be aired in its entirety. It's silly for this to be a prelim, since these are two up-and-comers, whereas Baroni and Lawler -- let's face it -- are not going to be challenging anyone for anything any time soon.

"Because they're running a business?"

Then why have all the Gordon Biersch plugs, since you can only get it in like 2-3 states.

"Then why have all the Gordon Biersch plugs, since you can only get it in like 2-3 states."

Um...I guess because GB is a sponsor? But what do I know? I'm not a very good bidnessman ;-)

despite the recent success of both guys, baroni v lawler is gonna be exciting (but possibly over very quickly). there is not a bad fight on this card (diaz is usually entertaining in the ufc but fickett i have no clue about). the rest of the fights are really good on paper so far.