UFC 51 Poster (pic)

I fucking like it, now I am starting to get pumped. Do you guys think Victor and Tito will go toe to toe at the beginning?

Looks Good!!

I thought that picture looked weird, because Vitor looks so small. Thought it might be an old pic, but now I think it's they sprayed out his pec area a lot.

Tito's lips look red and lucious... it's scary.

I like it.

red x for me

nice poster...

anyone notice the image of Sylvia is "flipped"?

His superman tattoo is actually on his left arm...not
his right.


Thanks for posting this, where did you find it?

I hacked the UFC main office computer.

Cool poster, it looks like Arvloski went to the beautician.

Saucy has gone hacker!

hiding the porno files

Beth we knew you had it in you!!!!

Marry Christmas. I didn't get my Christmas card from you yet.:(

I'm more excited about the two title fights than I am about Tito and Vitor.

saucy, Do you happen to have programs available from the last few UFC events? havent been able to get the last few and will gladly pay for them.

It's odd that there are two title fights that are being promoted as the undercard of a contender bout (tito vs vitor). I understand it, due to marketing, but it is still odd.

Franky, you're the man however we were waiting for signed contracts back before we could post the final poster.

Good poster.

I like it.

Good job