UFC 51 Rumours

I noticed the rumored card has been changed yet again (only the Ortiz/Belfort fight is signed), and I thought I'd pass it along. Btw, does anyone know why the Baroni/Lawler fight was pulled? Anyways, I got this from MMAweekly:

UFC 51 - February 5th

Chris Lytle vs Karo Parisyan

Tito Ortiz vs Vitor Belfort

Nick Diaz vs Drew Fickett

Mike Kyle vs James Irvin

Joe Riggs vs David Loiseau

Tim Sylvia vs Andre Arlovski - UFC Interim Heavyweight Title

Evan Tanner vs David Terrell or Rick Franklin - UFC Middleweight Title

Justin Eilers vs Paul Buentello

Why is Silvia vs Arlovski for the interim title?

I'm out of the loop.

Was hoping for Baroni/Lawler.

Awsome card.

Diaz Fikett and Parysian Lytle will be interesting. Glad to see Fikett get his shot he deserves it.

All of the fight's on this card are solid. but why no Baroni Lawlor?

mike kyle???? isn't he the biter???? he got ktfo last time.....

lytle v. Parisyan had better be on the main card that should be a fucking WAR!!!!

looks like a good card to me....

awesome card if that holds up. not too excited about kyle being back, but that'll be a prelim anyhow.


i thought kyle was done in the ufc

Kyle deserves another chance.

I'd make the TV definite fights be:





w/ Eilers-Buentello as the swing fight.

Lead the show off with Lytle-Karo and then the two title fights, then Ortiz-Belfort.

There's no way Terrell should be getting a title shot. He has one fight in the division.

Lytle/Parisian had better be on the PPV.


pancrase counts


I think you are reaching to bash this card. Eilers-Buentello would headline a KOTC card but it will be, at best, an early TV match or swing match for UFC.

By the way, both Eilers and Buentello have ferocious records since 2002. I think both are ready for a shot at the big shows.

"pancrase counts"

Not for a UFC title, it doesn't. And none of his Pancrase wins were over guys that anyone would consider contenders for #1 at 185 either. I'd guess Terrell has the fewest MMA wins of ANYONE in UFC's 185 division, so to give him a title shot as his second fight in the organization would be silly.

Franklin is a much better choice, having a stellar record and being undefeated in the UFC including a win over Tanner. Put Terrell against Salaverry or somebody in the meantime.

In any case, this card looks awesome. Kyle shouldn't be on it and I couldn't care less about Buentello/Eilers, but other than that the matchups are excellent. I'd like to see St Pierre and Trigg on there, preferably against each other, to really push the card over the top.

Buentello/Eilers should be a great stand up fight.

buentello is quality

the card is great

I have to agree with orcus regarding Terrell's title shot. Terrell just doesn't have enough victories over top contenders to be deserving of a UFC title.

I actually think Lindland deserves a rematch (here come the Lindland nut-rider jokes).

I'm also looking forward to seeing Fickett compete in the UFC.

I haven't seen Irvin compete yet, but according to his record it looks as though he's a banger (and I think a majority of us would like to see if Kyle can redeem himself after his loss to Eilers

The rest of the card looks pretty solid as well (although I was looking forward to a Lawler/Baroni slugfest).

If Terrell beats Tanner in the first round will you guys believe he deserves a shot at the title? Just curious.

GreatCornholio - The question is not does Dave deserve a shot (at all) so much as does Dave deserve a shot MORE than Rich Franklin?

Personally, I agree with everyone that says Franklin deserves the shot MORE. I think he has solid appearances in the UFC, including a win over Tanner. That being said, I think Terrell should have one more 185 UFC appearance and assuming he wins (I think he should win) then he gets the first title defense fight against Franklin. (oops - or Tanner, hehe.)