UFC 51?

There's still a lot of work before the card is finished, and I'm not sure how I feel about Tank coming back, but it does look like Zuffa is prepared to spend some serious money on february's card. According to MMAweekly, it's shaping up like this:

Tito Ortiz vs Vitor Belfort

David Terrell vs Evan Tanner

Nick Diaz vs Drew Fickett

Tim Sylvia vs TBA

Ken Shamrock vs Tank Abbott

Joe Riggs vs

We should all feel very stupid about Tank coming back.

Yeah, throw some more $$$ his way, Zuffa.

How much did that Ultimate Tank PPV cost to produce?

The one that debuted the WEEK AFTER he got schooled by Mir?


Tank vs. Shamrock will be great for PPV buys and enertaining as well.

Anyway ken is older now and has no interest in title fights or the title so why not feed him somebody from back in the day.

why keep bringing back the has beens that suck - give some new talent a chance.

god, i hope tank doesn't fight again. he sucks.




That's enough to get me psyched.

Ken does not suck. At least not compared to other UFC HW. He would whoop Cabbage & Sims even in his old age.

IMO Shamrock could beat Mir.

Mir would probably beat Ken Shamrock within a few minutes.

I seriously doubt Shamrock would beat Cabbage!

Actually, I do think Ken could beat Cabbage.

give lutter another fight.

lutter vs. terrel ufc 51

I'd really like to see Karo Parisyan vs Renato Verrisimo. I think a matchup of those two would be fast paced and exciting.