ufc 52 date ?

Trying to plan a trip to vegas to watch Liddel, Coture rematch. any info on the date of the event would be grately appreciated.



The date is not confirmed yet.

How so?

LOL @ deeder. UFC 51 is more than a month away but he already expects to know when UFC 52 is. Dork

We have a working date but it hasn't been confirmed on the ppv television schedule.

I wouldn't want to give out an unconfirmed date and have someone pay for their travel and then it being the wrong date.

As soon as the date is confirmed, it will be posted.

Thanks for the info saucylv33

If you end up going to Vegas.Watch for the Street soliciters they can pretty annoying real quick.

I agree with this guy. I'm trying to plan a trip to UFC 100 and the UFC hasn't even released a date for the event yet.

What complete and total bullshit.

UFC 100 is on Saturday, February 7, 2014 in Greece.

Exact site to be determined and fighters subject to change.

Umm, Saucy.

February 7, 2014 is a Friday, not a Saturday.

Are you lying to me just so I'll get off the UFC's case?

Damn, at first I was going to do 2015. This is grounds for dismissal.


BTW, Spike TV has The Ultimate Fighter up on its website today with pics.

The Ultimate Fighter website will be up this week and I'll post a link once it goes live.

It will have a lot more information, video, pictures than the Spike page.