UFC 54 Lidell Vs. Horn

You know I've gone rounds with this one. I like both guys and I wish both could win, Horn & Lidell I mean. But simple fact is that I dig Lidell.

It has nothing to do with who is the better fighter or who has the most fights. It is simply that I think Lidell is an awesome character.

Both fighters have great skills in different areas and enough expertise to work in areas where they are not comfortable if necessary.

But my personal preference would be to see Chuck take it over Horn.

I guess that makes me part of the 5% right?


I think Horn is phenomenal but you can't overlook the fact that he has a horrible record against TOP competition, 1-5 (A. Silva, Randy, Arona, Shamrock, Liddell and Babalu)and that is with giving him credit for his Liddell victory being over a TOP fighter, which at the time Liddell was not.

Additionally, his UFC record is an unimpressive 3-3. He lost several fights that he really should not have lost. Maybe there is something there as far as handling pressure in the big ones.

Don't get me wrong, I have been a fan and very impressed of Horn since I first watched an EC tape back in 96-97, but these stats have a way of repeating themselves.