UFC 56 Weigh In Photos MMA-Fighter


franklin looks good so does nate though.... will be good


Wow, those guys are in shape. Are there any other photos available?



Zamkni morde. What makes you think St. Pierre isn't riding the S train?



"Vitamin S, I prefer non-cheaters. Go St.Pierre make Sherk cry for his anabolics."

To be fair ... GSP had a touch of gyno at one point, sooooo....

Yeah, I think most guys do it anyway ... and IMHO I'd like to see it made to be legal to do under a Dr's care. Yep, you heard that right ... MMA training freakin kills your body, breaks you down, and keeps you riddled with injuries ... IMO roids would prevent a lot of those injuries, and help to heal the ones that are still incurred.

Call me a MMA Heretic, but that's my thinking. ..lol

sherk has a classic wrestlers body. Most of my buddies on my collegiate wrestling team are as ripped as him and rich franklin.

No vitiamin S either. Just strict dieting, protein, weights, lot and lots of wrestling, condtioning, body weight excesises

You fatasses who post on here can look like that too, if you put down the beer and tacos, stop critisizing fighters, and thinking they are on the S. Its called hard work.

Sherk just looks in shape, he's not huge or anything. He's a thick little guy is all. The pic doesn't look so odd full size vs the small one posted here.

some people are just stupid jaydub..let them be...kick ass Sherk!!

Thanks guys for checking this out

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