UFC 57 DVD???

Did they decide to skip releasing UFC 57 now that they got the distribution rights and junk all fixed up>? I picked up UFC 58 finally today, but couldnt see 57 anywhere at Best Buy which usually has a hearty selection.

Anyone know whats going on with this?

I was wondering the same thing,they have 56 and 58 but no 57.

I wonder if it has anything to do with Randy and Chuck getting a %? Or was that only for the PPV?

Its avaliable only online

i know that around the time of 57's origional release they had the issues with distribution and the UFC changed companies.

this is BS though I want that DVD.

so far I have 42-56, and 58.
I dont have a VCR anymore so its kinda pointless to buy the tapes. Wish they had the UFCs from the 20's-30's on DVD