UFC 60 Weigh-in Information

UFC 60 weigh-in will take place on Friday, May 26th.

Club 740 - 740 S. Broadway

2 pm to 4 pm - Free Autograph Session

4 pm - Fighters on Scale

ufc.tv gonna have the video for those of us that are less fortunate?

ufc.com will have weigh-in video up however it won't be live.


Dougie, your items are being shipped out today.


Chuck Liddell, Rich Franklin, Tim Sylvia & Rachelle will be signing autographs.

I love Beth.

You're in love with a married woman now. :)

Beth... congratulations, and thank you very much for your gift in the mail! XOXOX!

TUF Forum can't handle you GB. Leave them be.

beth, did you get my email about those gloves?????


email sent.