UFC 62: Full Results

UFC 62 Full Results: A night of repeat performances
  August 25, 2006
Sean McClure

A good night of fights that saw the return of Hermes Franca to the airing PPV card and Chuck Liddell solidify himself as the best light heavyweight in the world emphatically.

With a ninety-five second win over Renato Babalu Sobral, Chuck Liddell proved once again that he may be the best lightheavyweight on the planet. Period.


"UFC 62 Full Results: A night of repeat performances
By Sean McClure
Friday, August 25, 2006"


Sean, you need some glasses and a guide to grammar.

"Pretty much even with the slight advantage to Jamie despite Franca's submission attempts. "

That's not a sentence.

" Third round and this is where it fell apart for Varner. "


"but very quickly caught him and rocked him bad."



I posted the original artcile on Friday, so that it would be there for people to check back with once the event was over. That's why Friday's date is on the article.

Oh I see, but the writing is really bad. A site like that should really have someone with better skills covering such a big event like UFC.

That writing is brutal. I would honestly say the average OG post is slightly more coherent than that 'article'. Who is responsible for that?

Well, now there are 3 UFC vets that I have faught. Cory Walmsly (sp?) (Sorry Cory)

Anyway, good to see him make it to the UFC, He lost but he made it there and now he will most likely have more then one chance to proove what an animal he is.

When we fought, he schooled me and just man handled me. Made me tap in something like 15 to 30 sec. of the first round. (not much of a fight for him I'm sure) plus it was his b-day that night and they gave him a cake in the ring.

Much respect and Props to him!!!!

Good for you Cory!!!!!!!

You'll get'm next time bra!


And, wtf with the Forrest fight review? lol

" This fight was not as good as the first one, but provided some exciting moments and got the crowd in to it. Stephan was landing shots more frequently than Griffin was, but after being rocked several times Forrest came back strong and won the round. "

Here's what Dustin Lee DePue of fcfighter wrote about the same 1st round:

"As the fight started Griffin looked extremely calm and composed. Griffin held the center of the ring, stalking Stephan Bonnar, who looked tight and awkward. Griffin worked jabs and low kicks as he moved in closer and closer to Bonnar, who's timing was off. Bonnar did land a few nice counter shots as Griffin came in as well as a spinning back kick but Griffin's aggressiveness and ring generalship had Bonnar on the defensive for most of the round. As the bell sounded for the end of the round it was clear that Griffin was on his game and Bonnar was going to have to adjust."

Is this from one of these sites that complains when they don't get full press access to UFC events? If so I would completely sympathize with UFC in this case. I am not a believer in 'any press is good press' and wouldn't want to support anyone who writes about my organization in a way that is both grammatically poor and stylistically inept.