UFC 63 Odds

Ultimate Fighting Championships 63: UFC Lightheavyweights

Sat 9/23 Rashad Evans vs Jason Lambert
07:30 PM 55 Rashad Evans -195
  56 Jason Lambert +182

Ultimate Fighting Championships 63: UFC Lightweights

Sat 9/23 Jens Pulver vs Joe Lauzon
07:00 PM 57 Jens Pulver -600
  58 Joe Lauzon +540
Sat 9/23 Melvin Guillard vs Gabe Ruediger
07:00 PM 59 Melvin Guillard -110
  60 Gabe Ruediger +100

Ultimate Fighting Championships 63: UFC Middleweights

Sat 9/23 Mike Swick vs David Loiseau
07:30 PM 53 Mike Swick -135
  54 David Loiseau +125

Ultimate Fighting Championships 63: UFC Prelims - Lightweights

Sat 9/23 Roger Huerta vs Jason Dent
05:00 PM 61 Roger Huerta -600
  62 Jason Dent +540
Sat 9/23 Jorge Gurgel vs Danny Abbadi
05:00 PM 63 Jorge Gurgel -600
  64 Danny Abbadi +540
Sat 9/23 Tyson Griffin vs David Lee
05:00 PM 65 Tyson Griffin -500
  66 David Lee +450

Ultimate Fighting Championships 63: UFC Welterweights

Sat 9/23 B.J. Penn vs Matt Hughes
08:00 PM 51 B.J. Penn +196
  52 Matt Hughes -216

My 2 bets would be Swick & Penn (if I had any money to bet... LOL)

Loiseau is a lock. I like Swick and think hes a great fighter with a good future, but Loiseau will be too much. People here have memory issues and can only remember a fighter's last fight. Yea, Franklin destroyed Loiseau, and he'd destroy Swick and the rest of the UFC 185 division aswell. I usually don't bet that high on fights, but Loiseau at + money is a fucking steal.

Loiseau will win by TKO (brutal elbows).

Its the best bet on the entire card

I agree on Loiseau. He has the edge in this one. Swick always surprises
me, but I would def favor the Crow.

Swick is better on the ground than Crow. Crow is in no way a lock in that fight.

I know that Franklin would tool them both, partially because of his skill and partially because he walks in there at well over 200 lbs and is freakin huge for a MW.

I also favor Melvin G and think that he is a good bet.

I'm looking forward to this event.

I put alot of money on the crow as well.

Swick is going to take this one. As long as he avoids having David in top position he should be fine.

Swick by ko. Never been too impressed by David besides his elbows.

I agree. I like Crow as a fan, especially now that I know that he (like myself) sustained a brutal injury in a car crash. But he's not the total package. Not even close. He is exciting and his elbows are the best in the biz. But his ground game is lacking. He will get subbed IMO. Possibly with a Swickotine.

i like ruediger.. hes tough and technical ive seen him take some serious shots..

He is +183 now. Oddessa must be pulling for him as well as Huerta. Big line swings in those 2 matches.

Renzo is a good pick IMO. Unless he's injured or something, I don't think that Pat M deserves to be such a heavy fav. An AWESOME trainer... but hasn't done shit fight-wise since his loss to the Law.