UFC 63: To buy or not (ppv)

After a refusal to pay for the last UFC, I find myself sitting on the other side of the fence for tonight's UFC.

Rather than downloading or watching the free-replay (internet bless thee), I am leaning towards the payment in to the UFC's coffers with the purchase of tonights UFC 63.

The last UFC just didn't offer up the quality for the dollars spent, but tonight, regardless of GSP not fighting for the belt that will be his, I am still looking forward to what could be some interesting matchups. Finally a card worth paying 40$ for.

With any luck though, Dana White will guide his ship silently (from the background, without much self-inflating and grande revisionist procolamations), and leave the commercials for broadcast or free television.

im in , or going to the Pond.

between hughes/penn, and swick/loiseau (obvious title eliminator for swick) i think this card is worth buying. and there;s some other guys i'll be glad to see back, like jens pulver, as well.

i don't know what's wrong with a lot of these other mma fans, but a boxing-style card with two good fights and a few competitive undercard fights doesn't seem like a rip-off to me at all. maybe it's from all those years of getting together with other people and throwing in for boxing ppvs.

If you have 3 friends, have them over. They chip in, bring the beer... It is paid for and then some.

I have to go to a damn wedding and yes I had a damn wedding on the night of the hughes gracie fight too. Had to cut out of the reception and rush to the nearest bar.

Got to the bar like 30 seconds before the main event. But the wedding tonight is in some poo dunk town that probably doesn't even have a bar


the debate should be "to steal, or not to watch" imo

Definitely buying. The card is much stronger than the last one. Should be a lot of fun.

Im buying