UFC 64 and the underground

I am really beginning to wonder what people expect from the fighters, super human qualities i guess.

Carmello Marrero is bought in on short notice to be a highlight film ass whoopin and flips the script and people act like he did something wrong. His 6th fight and first in the UFC I would say he did pretty good.

Kenny Florian shows a ton of heart in taking a 5 round grinding under a beast at 155. All anyone wants to talk about is him grabbing the fence. Hell it was a reaction anyone is gonna get slammed they are holding on for dear life.

Rich Franklin all of a sudden stinks because he got beat. Anderson Silva is a bad, bad man and this is an awfull matchup style wise for Franklin.

It's funny but I guess with the increased popularity we are going to have to live with some wierd expectations

its all kids who know nothing abo0ut competing None of them have ever worked their asses off training to be one of the best in a sport Thsy have no clue what sacrafice it takes to be at UFC level Easy to criticize from the sideline Pretty pisspoor for people pissing on fighters after they layed it on the line and tried their best to be the best


Yes, people are fools on this forum and don't give credit when credit is due.

its embarrasing that there are people out there that love to shit on someones accomplishment every chance they get, if it was there friend that got in the ufc and won they would probably have a parade in the street,

after the PrideGP, hard to get excited, ya know?

A large, unfortunate percentage of people feel better when they put other people down. The scientific term for the group is "losers."

I think most of that would change if more people trained, and if even more people competed in what they train in.

I competed in my 2nd grappling tourney on sat, I was a bit sick, but I competed anyway. My cardio was SHOT, and the day after the tourney it felt like I was in a car crash. This is of course irrelevant to MMA, but it kind of gives you more of an appreciation for the shit these guys go through.

That was just grappling, I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must be the next day for MMA fighters, and how much balls it takes to step in the ring, and lay it ALL on the line against another man in front of a shitload of people, most of whoom are whinny bitches.

These guys are fighting on 2 weeks notice, with injuries and sickness, and all anyone ever wants to do is tear them down.

Hands down, MMA has the best armchair quarterbacks!

inf0s logic proves some of your point...lol

Kirik is correct

I knew it wouldnt take long for infO to come in here bashing Rich again. Leave it alone. You have already posted in every single thread about him. I think you got your point across that you have some personal vendetta against him.

infO bottem line is u couldnt hold Richs' jock

Kirik is correct, and they are in every sport. It's not just MMA.

Ever sat down and watched a baseball or football game with a group of friends? There is so much disrespect, I've never understood it. Too many armchair quarterbacks and armchair warriors, but they will never go away. On that note, I don't think most will ever understand unless they participate on some level themselves.

"Is it really a stretch to say that there are a bunch of complete fucking idiots on this forum?"

LOL Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

What I love about the ones with the most vocal opinions is that when they meet athletes they act like the biggest fanboys..

I used to know Lawrence Taylor and one of my friends used to be his biggest hater. When they met at a party I almost fell over laughing because I thought he was going to blow LT.

Come on. Everything is so crystal clear.

No one on this forum knows jack shit about anything.

Carmelo Marrero, who sounds made up, hasn't proved anything and didn't prove anything against an opponent that hasn't proved anything either.

Franklin sucks, and everyone should have seen this a mile away after what Lyoto did to him.

Florian is a fence-grabbing bitch.

Anderson Silva could beat Fedor, however, Diego Sanchez would beat Silva.

Sherk has to be on roids.

Dana White is clueless. Doesn't know what he is doing, or how to promote or market UFC fighters.

Pride puts the UFC to shame.

Ken Shamrock put up a good fight against Tito again.

BJJ is dead in mma.

Rickson Gracie will never be beat. And Royce's next fight should be in King of the Cage.

And the mushrooms I ate for breakfast were really good.

There are idiots in every walk of life. If a group of people on the UG disagree with your view, or speak about fighters like idiots that doesn't mean Everyone does.

I think because so many people on this forum have seen MMA grow from a close nit family to a fairly mainstream sport they just are not ready for fans who don't identify with the individuals yet.

The discussions on this forum are no different than discussions about boxing, baseball, football etc.

I remember growing up when Mike Schmidt, perhaps the best 3rd baseman to ever play the game was in a slump and the fans were harassing him so badly he took to wearing a disguise around Philadelphia, and even wore one for an at bat.

Or a guy like A-Rod who had a "terrible" year hitting .290 with 35 homeruns and 120+ RBI's this year and is being crucified in New York this year (one year removed from being the league MVP).

Hell any QB who threw an interception yesterday is being ripped to shreds on his hometown radio even as I type this... as are his coaching staff etc.

If you think people say foolish stuff on this forum try listening to a couple hours of sports oriented talk radio and you will think this forum is great.

The fans pay the bills for the fighters, without all the complaining vocal "fans" the athletes would not have the opportunity to pursue their dreams... you can't have it both ways. It is part of choosing to be a public figure.

The bitching is here to stay now that the sport has grown... just get used to it and realize that if the fans didn't care about the sport they wouldn't bother to come on a forum and voice their opinions (no matter how ridiculous they are).

A large, unfortunate percentage of people feel better when they put other people down. The scientific term for the group is "losers."

kirik is correct

I think Death Deaton just put everything being said about UFC 64 into perspective, and Kirik just summed the UG on the whole.

But one in every 1200 posts is something useful to me, so I'll keep coming back.