UFC 65 - Arco Arena (Pic)

If you're planning on going to see UFC 65 live then I wouldn't wait to buy tickets. Already close to being sold out.

This card is shaping up to be a great one, Mir vs Vera has just been officialy added.

ttt Jeff Monson = New heavyweight champion of the world. go att. down with MFS

Looks like Hughes vs. GSP is the main event... well deserved imo.

Matt Hughes vs. Georges St. Pierre

Tim Sylvia vs. Jeff Monson

Frank Mir vs. Brandon Vera

Graison Tibau vs. Nick Diaz

Dokonjonosuke Mishima vs. Joe Stevenson

James Irvin vs. Hector Ramirez

Plus 3 more fights to be announced.

looks like mfs is going to have a Bad night

How far up did they have to move Monson's torso on the poster to be that even with Sylvia?

6'8" vs. 5'9" is going to look crazy.


They are going fast. Waited for my stupid friends to get money and now we can't get them for the price. I need tickets by the way, if anybody is willing to part with some.

"6'8" vs. 5'9" is going to look crazy."

For visualization's sake:

Hurray, James Irvin is back, fresh off his losses to Bonnar and Lodune.

Other than that, it's a great card. Can't wait.

Awesome poster for 65!

"Glad they're selling tickets, the Cali shows have had shitty crowds so far, didn't realize Sacramento had a lot of MMA fans"

Lots of support from the Bay Area too. Strikeforce in San Jose had 18,000+. NorCal's a better location for events in my completely biased opinion.

Mit is usually pretty sharp

I hope Mir shows up ready too ;-)

"NorCal's a better location for events in my completely biased opinion."

I agree.  NorCal buys more MMA tickets than SoCal does.  WFA should've put their show up there.  They would've sold more than the 2-3K they got down in SoCal.


It seems like a great card to me. Mir is very good, but I think Vera is on a roll and could be the HW champ soon.


Weak card except for Matt/GSP. I would pass on buying it if it wasnt for that fight.

Vera/Mir is going to be intresting.

Joe is going to dismantle mishima.

Some people complain about anything. While I'll agree that the UFC 64 and Pride RD cards aren't the greatest this card looks good. With as many cards as UFC is putting together for the fans you have to realize there will only be so many 'big' fights per card. People complain there is to much UFC now. They can't win for trying with some of you.