ufc 66 in galveston tx? help pleas

Dear Abbie,

buddies and i rented a beach house for new years but am headed out there tomorrow. I checked the closed sircuit list on UFC web pade and can't find anything. anybody from the area know the closest place???


no PPV there?

don't know if the house offers it. and i wanna bar scene with large tv.


Go to the nearest Hooters. Kemah area I think.


there is a bar called Busker's off of post office that may be showing it. look them up and call to see. if not the hooters off of Nasa rd 1 and 45 might be your best bet. that is about 25-30 min from galveston

All of the Hooters in Houston & surrounding areas show the UFC ppv's.

i'm gong to be in crystal beach/port bolivar area of galveston. can't find a bar without having to ferry back into mainland then drive 25 miles. Any galveston people know of any bars. My last resort is getting it on PPV but wanted to revel with the MMAsses in what was one of the most complete MMA years ever.

Someone must know. this is the Underground dammit. HELP A NINJA OUT!

TTT %(

Closets thing I've seen is hooters on nasa rd (I'm in Dickinson)


Sorry bro