UFC 67 Tickets

Where are pretty good seats at Mandalay Bay to see UFC 67. This is my first live UFC, I cant afford ringside. Just looking for different opinions!

In rachelle's lap?

Im there ;}

I'm actually pissed about this. I got the uc fight club membership to get better tickets on the pre sale, and apparently the best available tickets are at the very back of the section. These are $750 seats mind you.

They are trying to say the all of the floor (if they even sell those), and all of the middle sections and front of the side sections for $750 are sold out on the presale.

I call bullshit!

Comp tickets. For 500 bucks I got Row T in section 107. Better than some of the 750 tickets IMO.

This is exactly what I'm talking about. Good for you though! :) But they get people on the fight club to get a special pre sale on tickets, then give them shit tickets!

There is no way all of sections 105, 106, 107, 108, and 118, 119, 120, and 121 are sold out on the pre sale.

They are scamming everyone imo.

no i mean i paid for mine, but the comp tickets are the floor seats. Its a bit of a scam but go try the 500 dollar seats and you may get a better deal than some of the 750 seats. Its all kind of subjective I guess. i dont mind stadium seating because with my luck i would have tim sylvia in front of me.

'i mean i paid for mine'. Yeah I know what you meant :) just pissed that they are trying to pretend all of the $750 seats are sold in those sections. I did get tickets in 118, but near the back.

I just know that out of how many people must actually be a member, then out of those how many are even going, then out of those how many are getting $750 seats.

Doesn't add up IMO.