UFC 67 = WWF Superstars

Anyone else remember WWF Superstars on sat morning when every match was like the ultimate warrior vs joe loser...hmmm I wonder who's gonna win. At least Superstars was free!

which ones are the Mulkey's?

The only reason why I would say Luter isn't the brooklyn brawler is cuz luter seems like he would be a good guy and the brooklyn brawler definately was not. Perhaps there was a guy named travis luter who fell to the hands of the million dollar man or jake the snake!

the irish Pug

No, I don't remember that because on Saturday mornings I was playing a real sport like real athletes, from 4th grade onward.

yeah eastman makes a great brooklyn brawler! Poor eddie Sanches can be like barry horrowitz...kicks ass in other federations but when faced with the likes of the undertaker(crocop) he ain't winning

Poor koko would always lose!

Yeah it does look a lot like those days. I remember Bobby "the brain" Heenan use to call them "Ham and Eggers".

LOL I agree. Or you could compare it to a Pride card like Pride 29 that was
mostly squash matches. It usually makes for an entertaining card.

^ true...

lol at barry horowitz pats self on back