UFC 68

UFC 68
tentative main event: UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia (23-2) vs. Brandon Vera (8-0)**
Saturday, March 3, 2007, at 10 p.m.
Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio
Matt Hughes (40-5) vs. TBA
Rich Franklin (20-2) vs. TBA
Karo Parisyan (16-4) vs. TBA
Mike Swick (10-1) vs. TBA
Promising card...and i'll be there live to see it.

** Make it Cro Cop and please have him punt Sylvias head into the 3rd row so I can catch that shit and ebay it for $20

Would anyone wanna see Swick vs Franklin? granted Swick might be led to
the slaughter, but I thought the same against Loiseau and yeah I feel like
a dumbshit for that.

I'd rather see Vera take the title and have Cro cop fight Vera for title.  Vera would at least be an exciting fight.

i would love to see Swick/Franklin...who wouldn't?

Vera would be a good fight for Cro Cop...Vera's no joke.

Vera is not ready for CroCop in my opinion, and Syvlia is a raw deal for him because Syvlia is a slow moving slow reacting sasquatch superheavyweight that is shaving 20 lbs of hair to make the limit and Vera is a LHW fighting as HVY because the UFC needs them so bad.

you could be right, but Vera is damn talented and isn't a push over to anyone...including Cro Cop.