UFC 69 anyone?

Forgive me for bringing this up...been drinking (oh well whats new?!)

So in a couple months to a year, we will have UFC 69..

Any interesting matchups?! What should they call it?

North-South Conflict? lame I know...I'm sure you guys ca better this!

some1s anxious for ufc69 lol

North Vs. South, Ground and Pound.

couldn't resist..

Maybe they'll just skip it like some hotels skip the 13th floor. :)

Some other interesting possibilities, years down the road, include UFC 187, UFC 420, and UFC 666.

"U-F-C, 1-2-3" in best Michael jackson voice.

Trading Blows and North - South Conflict are in the lead. lol


mine was retarded... I vote "Head Shots" or "Trading Blows"

LOL@"Trading Blows!" That's comedy gold right there.

I vote for "Trading Blows".

You guys are all fucking idiots. Any real fan knows it's already been announced as 'UFC 69: Let's Suck Each Other's Cocks'.

WTF, keep up man.

"Trading Blows" is a nugget of comedy genius. I wish they would name it that.

lol at Trading Blows

Lighten up and laugh a little.

begins trading blows with clattymine and suggests bareknuckle join in


backs slowly away from insanely gay thread and leaves it in the closet where it belongs


of course they have to have the rematch

UFC 69: Trading Blows

Bang vs BJ

lol nice