UFC 70, On Spike

I see UFC will be free on spike for Americans. Why not Canada?... I will tell you this, I will not order the pay per view and I will not order future pay per veiws... give it to us free also, wtf??? free in USA but not here. I pay for my cable sub. just like everyone else.. This makes me pissy!!!! Anyone else know what's up with this??

I wrote a letter to spike... You should do the same....

This sucks.


Are you sure that it isn't being aired on Spike in Canada??? We get the same feed as the States, only they alter some of the commercials, much like TBS. On that note, I think I might attend one of those advanced track colleges in Atlanta. 

I think canario is correct. The only difference is that Canadians have the option to order the PPV live if they want.

Americans don't have that option from what I understand.

UFC site says Spike TV in U.S. and Canada.


Extendo is correct, at least Bell is offering it on PPV live.

jlmirage- I'm sure read somewhere that when the UFC comes to Canada UFC (71-72)it will be aired on Spike for free to the UK and US but not in Canada.

I could give 2 flying facks if it's shown on Spike for free cause this biatch will be there live!

this is good news.. thanks

I hope its free, i was wondering about this myself, they said at the last
UFC only free in america.

Wierd, my ppv's are always free...

Support the sport ! :)

any news on this???

lol @ this misinformed forum period? ;p

anyhow, im seeing it on the tv listings for vancouver, 6pm PST! Yeah, i did hear from a friend that it wasnt showing here either so good news pho sho.

The Canadians have it the best. They can order the PPV, or wait a few hours and watch it for free. Americans don't get the PPV option. I'd gladly pay to watch it a few hours earlier.

LOL canuck34 I hear ya

great deal