UFC 70 telecast

Normally I would never complain about free fights but there is a limit to how much I can handle to watch some "good" fights.

Let me start by saying I was watching the fights Saturday with a couple of friends who I am trying to convert into fans. Lets just say that it didn't work out so well. It actually went so bad that I had to watch Crocop v Gonzaga on the internet yesterday.

What happened you ask? Well my friends are not rocket scientists but after the first snoozefest of Silva v Kongo one of them noticed that it took over 45 minutes of actual time to get through that 15 minutes of fighting. I agreed it was pretty slow but assured them my boy Arlovski would be an awesome fight.

For sake of length lets just say after two rounds of the Arlovski fight the TV got shut off and I was ushered to the bar with the phrase "innocent college girls" stuck in my head for some odd reason.

What am I getting at? Zuffa really needs to work on there telecasts if they plan on getting more fans, as a diehard fan it was almost unbearable for me to watch and I was drinking!! Three and a half hours, with 2 hours being GGW, is completely unacceptable.