UFC 70 weigh in vid



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If anyone from the UFC reads this...please include the entrances on these
weigh in videos. It's interesting to hear the fans receiption for each guy.
Did Bisping get a superstar reaction when he walked out?

"Did Bisping get a superstar reaction when he walked out?"

Bisping was the first to enter from backstage to his seat and clearly received the biggest reaction as the fighters came out. Not only when he came out to be weighed, but also entering/leaving backstage as he stirred up the crowd.

Elvis was booed as he entered to be weighed.

Both Arlovski and Cro Cop received good reactions too. You can almost hear the Arlovski reaction on the clip.

The other British fighters received the biggest reactions, but not that much above the "average" to others. I think it was a shame that Etim, Taylor and Liaudin didn't receive a greater reaction from their "home" crowd.


"Are you fighting for France or UK?

Jess Liaudin : Well, I was born in France so that makes me French, but I haven't been living in my country for nearly 10 years so it feels strange to fight for France. I have been in the UK for over 7 years and I like my fry up on the weekend and a fish & chips with salt and vinegar and mushy peas as a treat, does that tell you something (ah!ah!ah!) but really I just fight for myself"


That was from nearly 4 years ago. I guess its arguable but I think he's been in the UK for a while now. Perhaps because he runs London Pancrase I thought there might be some more support.