UFC 72 Press Conference Call

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UFC 72: Victory Conference Call

Posted by Caleb Newby on 06.07.2007

Rich Franklin, Forrest Griffin, and Hector Ramirez take questions from the media...

411mania was on hand to cover the UFC 72: Victory Media Conference Call. Below are the highlights.

We start off with news that UFC 72's weigh-ins will be featured on ESPN as well.

Rich Franklin

  • Said that Okami is stylistically different from Kampmann. He beat Swick at 185 and knocked him down to welterweight, and if he is capable of doing that to Mike, he is a dangerous opponent.

  • The skeleton of Rich's training remains the same. Instead of sparring with Thai fighters, he has switched to wrestling guys, changing around partners instead of changing what he is working.

  • Silva said Franklin and Silva are top guys in the world at Middleweight. Rich wasn't sure if Silva was just referencing guys fighting in the UFC now, but to Rich, Henderson and Lindland are a part of the top 5.

Forrest Griffin

  • When asked about his loss against Jardine, "I am a poor loser."

  • Changes made since the Jardine fight: I haven't made much changes. I dunno, I was thinking about defending against punches for a little bit.

  • What does Hector bring to the fight? "Heavy hands and good wrestling."

  • Forrest was asked which of his two losses, Ortiz or Jardine, he would prefer to avenge first. Forrest obviously didn't care, but when pressed for an answer stated "Let's go Keith".

  • Regarding his health: It is horrible. I have herpes, hepatitis and all kinds of nasty shit. But as long as the blood tests work out...

  • How is your mindset going into the fight? I dunno. I just want to fight. I heard Hector was in LA, I was hoping we could drive half way, bring a camera and do it there.

  • Regarding flying to the UK for the event: I dislike traveling. I hate traveling. I hate traveling for a vacation. I always forget everything I need. It makes cutting weight more difficult.

  • What is your number one concern with Hector? Getting KOed. Heavy hands. I guess I don't have the chin I thought I did.

  • How did you feel about Jardine's loss to Alexander? I was hoping he'd win and look good doing it.

  • When you lost to Jardine, did it take time to clear your head? I started freaking out and acting like a little bitch right there in the cage, so I got it all out right away. I was fine back in the locker room. He hit harder than I thought he would and my chin wasn't as good as I thought it was. I've been KOed before but I've never been on "queer street" before.

  • Will you be looking to change your fighting style since the Jardine fight? Maybe I will be more tentative. Ideal for me is I get caught a couple of times and gain confidence.

  • What can you tell us about the staph infection. Was there a reoccurrence? Yeah, I dunno what was going on with me. I guess I just had the shittiest immune system ever. I got it, thought I was better, it came back on my leg, and I amputated that son of a bitch, cut it off.

  • How is your cardio? I think taking antibiotics for a month straight like I did is bad. Going to fight on an island is the most concern to me.

Hector Ramirez

  • Forrest has been tested before. He is a tough cookie. He will give a fight no matter what. It will be a challenge.

  • Forrest's comments of having heavy hands, does that give you a psychological advantage? Na, it is hard to KO someone with the quality of fighters in the UFC. It all has to do with training and if it happens, it happens. It is hard to predict.

  • Do you see any issues with the travel to the UK? Na, I am not really too worried about that. I am sure when I get there I will adapt quick. I am not worried about my weight at all.

  • Does facing a fighter coming off a loss change your training strategy? I approach every fight the same way. Everything changes that day. You could plan and if you can stick to it, great. Thing about a fight is things change every second. I train every situation and condition different situations to be ready for anything. I worked to make sure condition won't be a factor.

  • We then are treated to a question and answer session in Spanish. Our English translation is summed up as: Will there be Mexican people in Northern Ireland to support me? I hope so, if there is that will be awesome. He also asked who I look up to as inspiration. It just happens to be Randy Couture who trained Forrest. He is a really nice and humble guy. That is one of the aspects I like about him as a fighter.

  • How was it going to LA for the interviews with the media? It was an experience. I am not used to it. I am a pretty quiet guy, it was pretty awesome to have that opportunity. It could be pretty easy to fall into that style of life, but after this interview today it is back to business. The only thing on my mind right now is winning this fight.

  • What is your strategy going into this fight? It all depends on what Forrest wants to do. If he wants to come out aggressive, aggressive it is. If he wants to feel it out, I guess we will feel each other out. It won't really matter though. They lock that cage for 15 minutes. We'll be doing a lot of touching, there will be contact.




ttt for Forrest having herpes and hepatitis!?