UFC 73: Edgar vs. Bocek?

There is a thread on the sherdog forum claiming that the 9th fight scheduled for UFC 73 is Frank Edgar vs. Mark Bocek:


Is this true? Can anyone confirm this? If it's true, this is very exciting news.

That'd be a great fight.

Bocek by some kind of choking flying lock.


Bocek wins this one.

It is now rumoured on MMAWeekly.com as well.

when did this happen? if true congrats

Bocek will be a UFC contender and could be champ one day. He does what needs to be done to get better

This is exciting!!!

Go Bocek!

ttt and congrats to Bocek!

Go Mark !!

Bocek by triangle early rd1

great news

tough 1st fight.

good luck.


That's pretty fucking cool! Good luck Bocek.

Nice. Go Bocek!!! Should be a great fight for the fans, Bocek brings it and so does Edgar.

Great news!, but I'm just a little jealous ; )


Don't worry 'm sure you will get yours Blake.

Edgar is no joke but neither is Bocek.