UFC 74 Respect: Rumored card +pics


  couture.jpg Randy "The Natural" Couture vs. Gabriel "Napao" Gonzagagonzaga-3.jpg

koscheck-2.jpg Josh Koscheck vs. Georges "Rush' St. Pierrestpierre4.jpg

Pellegrino.jpg Kurt "Batman" Pellegrino vs. Joe "Daddy" Stevensonstevenson4.jpg

Aurelio.jpg Marcus "Maximus" Aurelio vs. Clay "The Carpenter Guidaguida.jpg

cote.jpg Patrick "The Predator" Cote vs. Kendall "Da Spyder" Grovegrove3.jpg

 TBA-1.jpg                  Alberto Crane vs. Roger Huerta                 huerta2.jpg

jensen.jpg Ryan Jensen vs. Travis "The Serial Killer" Lutterlutter2.jpg 

heath.jpg David Heath vs. Renato "Babalu" Sobralsobral2.jpg

hardonk2.jpg                Antoni Hardonk vs. Frank Mir              mir4.jpg

I like it

So I take it there droppin Mir and bringing in the Jensen-Lutter fight??

Looks like a great card

Randy has definitely added some bulk as he knows he'll need it against
Gonzaga. In his fight against Liddell you can see Randy's arms are skinny,
but now they look huge!

Wow, the first 4 matches are great, can't see big Tim on this card unless Stevenson/Pellegrino or Grove/Cote will be one of the dark matches.....

I c an't wait to see Mach and Diego go at.  A little worried that Mach won't be able to handle the cage.

Pelligrino and Stevenson will be a great ground battle

And I hope that Kosh goes 100% like Serra did.  

Petruzelli verses Silvia, Dana make it happen!

I wish they had Kendall fighting a better opponent, I like Cote but its time for Grove to step it up and Cote is not it. Glad to see Lutter back. Hope he has improved his training maybe he needs to change camps. Seth and Wellisch are meh, hope they have good opponents. Really interested to know who Sylvia is fighting.

I'd like to see Seth vs Shogun, but put it on the main card of course. Good way to expose Shogun to the TUF fans.

For the love of god enough with soe of these nicknames!!!!!

Other than that this is gonna be a great card!

Damn diego is not getting eased back into winning ways at all

Looks great! I cant wait.

Bring in Josh Barnett to fight Tim Sylvia

and we'll have one hellava fight card!!!!

Werdum would be great, please bring in someone that can beat Sylvia.




Since when is Lutter "The Serial Killer"?

And when are they going to put Kendall Grove up against Anderson Silva so Silva can make him eat that silly nickname?

if werdum does fight timmeh he may/will have a very strong chance against him...