UFC 79 Heavyweights?

With all the good heavyweights in the world who deserve to be showcased, the UFC only features ONE heavyweights fight and it's...

Eddie Sanchez vs. Soa Palelei?


Is this part of a payment for Eddie agreeing to be fish food for Mirko's UFC debut? They promised him two UFC freebie victories in return for the certain ass kicking he was going to take?

No, there's got to be a more rational reason the UFC choose to stink up the airwaves with that fight, but what is it?

Compete with boxing for hispanic fans? Although you could walk into a warehouse, close your eyes, and pick a better guy.

They didn't know it was gonna suck. They assumed with their reputations as freeswingers, that it would be an action-packed bout. Sure there were several bouts on the undercard that I'd have rather seen than that one, but I can understand the choice. It just didn't turn out. No one thought Karo Parisyan-Ryo Chonan would be boring, either, but sometimes these turn out that way.

big big difference between the type of boredom Parisyan vs. Chonan brought vs. that heavyweight stinkfest.

Parisyan/Chonan was a matter of two skilled fighters who's styles (and maybe a little too much respect for each other) cancelled each other out. But at least fighting purists could appreciate it.

I guess drunken fans of tough man shows could appreciate Sanchez vs. Palelei?... naw, I'm sure they hated it too.

^^^ lol, well that was certainly the demographic they targeted in booking that fight for the main card.

When has putting heavyweight sluggers on the main card ever paid off? Even if there is a KO it is usually sloppy and preceded by both fighters gassing and generally looks bad. Outside of the top fighters, heavyweights are rarely exciting. By contrast, lightweights almost guarantee exctitment every time. It was a great event but in the future the UFC should learn its lesson and stay away from putting suhc fights on the main card.

Buentello is a Heavyweight slugger and is rarely in a boring fight. Even a brawler like Tank Abbot can still be entertaining at times.

A fight like Buentello vs. Kimo would have improved the card.

"They didn't know it was gonna suck."

Really? They should have just asked a novice MMA fan. He would have told them that it will suck.

LOL @ trying to get hispanic fans w/ "The Manic Hispanic".

It was very disappointing that they chose to televise that fight when there were mor deserving fights on the undercard.

meant to type "Kimbo" not "Kimo."

and that's why I said a fight "LIKE" Buentello vs. Kimbo... a fight like that would be two true KO artists going at it, as opposed to some overweight, winded wannabe tough man fighters.