UFC 83 Big Match Up Break Down

 UFC 83 Big Match Up Break Down - 4/18/2008

Saturday St. Pierre will again be a favorite coming off of a win over Hughes in facing Serra. Was the first fight a fluke? Can it happen again?

The answers are no and yes, respectively. MMA has seen it’s share of flukes – Kevin Randleman slipping back stage before a title fight and rendering himself unable to compete, Matt Lindland suplexing Falaniko Vitale onto his own head and knocking himself out – but Serra having the moxie to get in St. Pierre’s face and not leave, taking away “Rush’s” reach advantage and giving his own considerable power a chance at connecting, and then accurately placing punch after punch to the Canadian’s head was not such an example.


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 Me too. And I'm not discounting Herman at all. I think he can win this fight for sure.

This card is actually quite solid all around, especially considering that the UFC could have likely just relied on the strength of the main event and done nothing else with the rest of the card. Luckily they don't go in that direction ever, imo

Herman is no joke, but I think Maia will get it on the floor pretty quickly. His single leg TD is a freaking automatic. Just like Marcellos.

Doerksen was quite close to submitting Herman when they fought, so you'd think that Maia will catch him with something in the first.

 Interesting points NFH

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what do you think about the belcher day fight?

i think belcher takes it by tko in the second

 I don't know much about Day but Belcher has looked impressive in his last two fights.