UFC 83 Coverage

UFC 83 fighter's interviews : http://www.ultimefanatic.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=2655

UFC 83 guest interviews and predictions :

UFC 83 weigh ins pics :

UFC 83 Miscellanoues pics (hotel / Sam Stout at the Bell Centre / Fightbook party) :

Special tnx to Shawn Tompkins, David Loiseau, Lee Mein, Ryan Ford, Mark Pavelich, Phil Nurse, the "party guy" TFN's Mauro Renallo who gave us some good times at the Fightbook Party (hope you find some nice girls in Mtl Mauro ;-)) lol and last but not least, all the fighters on the card...

To come soon (tomorrow):
Randy Couture party footage
Shawn Tompkins seminar (video - in the next few days)
Randy Couture interview
Some exclusive pics "behind the scene" at the Bell Center