UFC 83 pics- Prepartying Thurs

 These are pics from hanging out around montreal thursday when I first got to town... Preparty pics from thursday night too!

 The chick on the left is familiar as hell...


those girls were hot.. the place was packed.. I LOVE montreal...

I believe the one one on the left is a KOTC ring girl.

Not that I pay attention.

Wish the Canadian boys luck for me Tracy.

she was in an episode of in the vip if i recall correctly

Ensanity - 

 The chick on the left is familiar as hell...


 You're thinking its the girl from CLUELESS huh? 


Tracylee, I beleive you need to consult the MOntreal traffic authority and report that stop-sign in your photo has been vandalised. In attempt to thwart oncoming traffic, instead of the workd S-T-O-P, the ellusive vandals have replaced the sign with some nonsense gibberish report this immediately. OH wait a minute I forgot you are IN FRENCH SPEAKING CANADA, well la-de-da look at me I am speaking french well woop-di-doo "Garcon more bread please" he he "we misseurLEE", HA hah JK MOntreal looks hella cool! Wish I was there, have fun!!!

ttt for my girl Tracy...miss ya!

.......... wheres the beef ......

whoo hoo! the energy in this room right now is INSANE!! main card starting soon!