UFC 84 = definitely the best post-TUF UFC card

There just hasn't been a better UFC card from top to bottom since the post-TUF boom took hold.

3 out of the 5 main-card fights are top-level (and it would have been 4 out of 5 if the Thiago-Rashad matchup hadn't been broken up).

This card is way better than most other UFC cards in the last couple of years (since the UFC exploded in 2006). The only other one in the post-TUF era that really comes close and had 3 fights as good as 84's was UFC 79 this past NYE - but the rest of 79's card was pretty weak.

UFC 84, by contrast, has even the most stacked lineup of prelims for any UFC, post-TUF - and quite possibly ever (and I hope at least a couple of them will end up being aired).

The prelims alone for 84 would make a good UFN.

If people want to send the message that they want stacked whole cards (and not just one-big-fight event like UFC 83 was), then buy 84.

 Agree, but the message really only carries its proper weight if the correlary is also enacted (don't buy the follow up shit cards).

 agreed......personally i think Gouveia/Silva will be FOTN...can't wait!

MaceDawgg - "Agree, but the message really only carries its proper weight if the correlary is also enacted (don't buy the follow up shit cards)."

- Mace is incisively correct as usual - but at the same time, I'll admit that being more discriminating and holding out is easier to say than to do.

But for those who will only buy a certain select-few PPV's a year, make sure 84 is one of them - and then pass on the weaker ones.

StrikeAnywhere - "personally i think Gouveia/Silva will be FOTN..."

- Well, there's no chance of that happening since they're not actually fighting each other (they're teammates anyway).

Gouveia is fighting Goran Reljic and Thiago is fighting Antonio Mendes.

Those two main-card matchups are really the only complainable part about this card. Reljic and Mendes are completely unproven in A-level competition.

Personally I'd rather see a couple of the prelim fights over those two. They're quite a dropoff from the three fights at the top.

I'll be front and center of the big HD TV for this one! Tremendous Card!

 I agree with WB. It's the first card I'm going to live since UFC 60. Can't wait...flying out for the weigh ins Friday.

Wish I was seeing it live; Have fun! Gets some good pics and tell some stories after the show!

Good for you, JG. Hope you enjoy it to the fullest.

Being there you'll actually get to see the whole card, including the loaded prelims.

So basically you'll be watching a great PPV event - PLUS the equivalent of a solid UFN all in one night.

And the three fights at the top of the main card are all huge - each one with potentially long-lasting significance.

BJ-Sherk will likely go toward defining who is the best LW in the world.

While Wanderlei-Jardine and Lyoto-Tito are two critical crossroads fights.

If Wanderlei can't beat Jardine, this really should be his very last fight at 205 - while Jardine would then own two straight wins over the two greatest 205-ers ever. (And who would've ever dreamed that would be possible for goofy-ass Jardine.)

But if Wanderlei wins impressively, he suddenly bounces himself back up to the top level of relevant contention at 205.

Meanwhile, Tito used to be the dominant LHW in the UFC - but he hasn't put on a dominating performance against a top-level opponent in 6 years, since beating Ken the first time around back when Ken was still relevant.

But still, Tito will probably pose the toughest individual-styles test to date for the top up-and-coming contender at 205 in Lyoto.

If either guy can win impressively, it will be of awesome consequence (and particularly uproarious should Tito be able to pull it off).

Again - this is the best UFC card in the post-TUF era.


Even if you only buy a few UFC PPV's a year, this one is an absolute must.

In fact, no other UFC in the post-TUF boom has been more worth buying. No other card in the last couple of years has been this loaded, and therefore this deserving of your money.