UFC 85 A Silva Vs Hendo 2?????

I've just got home from the Seni 08 at the Excel Centre in London. I had a photo/signing with Dan Henderson..... I asked when he was next looking to fight and at what weight? To which he replied 185 lb. Possibly at UFC 85 against Anderson Silva, he's accepted the fight but is waiting to hear back from Silva as to wheter he's fit/injury free???
His trainer also said UFC are looking to make 85 the best card this decade now that Chuck has dropped out due to injury. Opinions on Silva/Hendo 2???? I think Silva via TKO first time for every thing..............

No lies or b#ll in my thread! We'll have to wait and see then! Otherwise attend Seni 08 tomorrow (Anyone in the UK) to ask him yourself he's promoting his clothing line on the Fight Rack stand.