UFC 91 tickets?

Anybody know when UFC 91 tickets go on sale?

Dana, if you're reading this... hook me up man!

 probably another few weeks atleast


 Yeah i need to know too....dont' want to be stuck in nosebleeds or faced with buying super expensive seats....come on saucy hook us up

Something tells me they are not going to go cheap... :)

 I've hoping to spend no more then $250 so hopefully that'll get me a decent seat (if they aren't all bought up before i can get one).

is this the one in portland??? if so it has got me STOOOKED!!! I have been a lurker since 98 when this place was called fightworld(i think). You know back before Shamrock fought Ortiz and made him tap out on his knees. Around the same time as Owen Harts death in wwf from falling i believe. I am truly excited for this UFC, i feel rather ashamed to say that i actually lived in the Biloxi gulf coast region during the dark years and i didnt have any knowledge of the ufc being at casino magic at the time...sigh...i would have gone for sure.
I even have randy autograph so i hope to see him in the main event vs lesner, want to see lesner get smashed but good.
how much are the tickets going to be and when do they go on sale at the rose garden???
thank you for the info

Zachary Abernathy

I want to go!!! in little kids voice

I hope the UFC comes to Vancouver, B.C. but Portland,OR isn't too far so I'm definitely gonna' try my hardest to make this show........anyone know the date?

I will not spend more than $300 and if the $300 seats are shit then I guess i'm gonna' watch it at the Skagit casino.(for free)

LOL!!! Dana wouldn't hook you up unless you're fighting!
Good luck with that!

Jacob Lamb - Anybody know when UFC 91 tickets go on sale?

Dana, if you're reading this... hook me up man!

Dana, prove this guy wrong! ; )


Outlaw'sBrother, are you Joel Townsend's brother?

 ttt for vegas baby!

Good guess.....Dale T.

Jacob Lamb - Outlaw'sBrother, are you Joel Townsend's brother?



 Whats the deal-lee-ooo?

I booked my flights and hotel this morning. SOOO stoked... It will be a great break from grad school to pick up and head to vegas for my first fight in vegas

Booked my hotel and flights too. Trying to avoid having to spend more than 300-350 a ticket.

 Postponed due to possible earthquake.

 i am hoping they have 50-100 tickets because if they cost more than that, im screwed.