UFC action figures

I don't know about you guys, but I think it will happen, and it will be awesome.  Check out this Ken Shamrock figure

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I actually emailed with the guy from the company that makes the WWE figures(Jakks Pacific). And he, in a round about way, said that they have consided/approached UFC about figures. I hope it's true. Maybe its just wishful thinking, but i can see them making a two pack for each main event to be sold at that event. Imagine a Huges/Gracie set.....Shamrock/Ortiz........Couture/Liddell. You know you would all buy them. Kinda like McFarlane makes the MLB/NHL/NFL/NBA figures.

UFC could make figures for certain big name or legend fighters....Royce, Ken, Randy, Chuck, Tito.....Severn and Kimo figures would be cool too.

A UFC "Legends" series would be great...get McFarlane to do them
thou...I'd buy ALL of them.!

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Action figure? Sorry I'm over 10 and don't really wanna decorate my house with them. They will never be worth aloth of money. No offense. If ya like it thats cool.

I think it would be cool from a memorabelia standpoint. I am way over 10, and have a home bar that is decorated with UFC posters and programs. I think that figures of my favorite fighters would be a great addition.

I have a sweet Rickson figure and Sakuraba figure. They're both articulated like old school gi joe figures.

If McFarlane did them---they would be awesome---I'd love a box set of Tito vs Frank Shamrock or Chuck in the victory scream, Tito flipping off Ken, Arlovski with his arms out and tongue hanging out---lots of great poses to choose from---but if you don't get McFarlane to do them, then it isn't worth the time.

I agree, either make them totally realistic ala McFarlane or make them really cool caricatures ala Pride's figurines.

I think the jakks Ken Shamrock is very realistic. They actually scan the heads of the people to make the mold for the figure.

Here are my thoughts on a first wave of UFC figures

Series 1





2 packs

Liddell vs. Couture

Hughes vs. Gracie

Sylvia vs. Arlovski

Franklin vs. Tanner

I got a set of Pride ones. They are pretty cool.

LOL at scanning fighters' heads!

Looks like Shamrock rejected getting his head scanned, so they got Ronald Reagan instead.

Jakks Pacific sucks most of them have little if any articulation. The company that makes Marvel Legends would be much better. I believe it is Toy Biz.



the marvel legends figures are very well done. McFarlane quality, IMO.

ufc has to much turn over with fighters. so making action figures would be close to impossible. by the time they got the figure out in stores the actual fighter would be fighting for someone else.




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Blast from the past!!!

Are the early figures worth a lot now?